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Hello it's 2014

Does anybody even write in their LJ anymore?  I just noticed it's been almost 2 years since I posted anything in here. 2 years coincides with my starting a full time job. So I guess sometimes work really does suck the life out of your creativity.

Well, I plan to change that in 2014, I need to get back to expressing myself and being more original. So here I am LJ, I'm back and I'm going to be using you.

My intention is to blog each day about something. Maybe something boring or something that's bothering me or something that really excites and delights me but something.


I just did the most gratifying thing. I planned ahead. I"m trying to get my ducks in a row for my upcoming shift to full time and today I made a few meals to go in the freezer for dinners. I decided that I don't want my family having to eat a lot of convenience foods just because I work so I went on Pinterest. (do you love that website as much as I do?) and found some pretty good ideas for freezer meals you can pull out and put into the crock pot. I am trying a stew meal and a bbq chicken meal. I just got stew meat and the veggies at costco, and chicken thighs which were super cheap at costco and today set out to get it all put together and put in the freezer.

The freezer is packed with goodness. Up next I am browning a bunch of italian sausage to freeze and pull out for pasta meals and making french toast to freeze and put in the toaster for PM and Andre for breakfast...

I'm debating on browning up ground meat for tacos. That would be FOUR meals planned for the next 4 weeks and at least 2 breakfasts a week!..I say that's meal planning success!

You're Hired...

I've been working about 12 hours a week since Andre came along. It provided me with an outlet outside the home and a little extra money. For a while now, we've been looking at our debt and looking at the expense of adopting again and what we bring in just isn't enough to save in any reasonable amount of time. I have been wondering what we can cut out, what we can give up and really we live quite sparingly so I came to the conclusion that I'd better start thinking about working more than 12 hours a week.

A little while after this discovery, a job opened up at the hotel in the sales department and I applied. On Friday, I found out that I was hired and I am very excited. We found a super place for Andre to go. It is a Daycare/Preschool that is Spanish immersion! He has been going there the last few weeks on my two 6 hour days and he likes it and they are super happy to have him.

So, I will be a working mama and I am looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. There will be some new routines to get used to, we will have to get up a LOT earlier than I am used to and go to bed earlier than PM is used to. I think this will really help me in a lot of ways, I think because I will be working full time I will spend less, eat less and probably want to bake less which in a twofold way will keep my kitchen cleaner and my waste leaner. As far as having Andre somewhere else all day, I feel like he is ready to be in a more structured environment. He seems to get along well with the other kids and the teachers at this new "school". In the long run, I hope that working can help us achieve some good things for our family: 1. Paying off our debt. 2. Saving for a second adoption. 3. Affording a bit bigger house. 4. Affording private school for Andre.  Those are the things I'm most excited to see us achieve.

Of course the down side is that I've really come to know a great group of other moms who are home with their kiddos. We have a lot of fun play dates and activities which will probably come to an end. I am hoping that we will stay in touch with our friends and maybe have weekend play dates.
I have several things going on right now that might need some good old blogging in order to process through them.

I do read my friends list a few times a week, but have not been inspired to post.

Andre is 2 now. I can't believe that, he is a spirited boy that's for sure. I am still working two days a week at the hotel and Andre just started Spanish immersion pre-school 2 days a week. So far we love it! The teacher is very nice and her assistant is also a lovely woman. He is in good hands.

PM is working downtown now, he has to ride the stinky bus which is good AND bad. Good because it saves on gas and time he is commuting but bad because well, it's stinky.

On the periphery of our happy life there are a few things that are not so good. Some I feel I can discuss and some I cannot. My father passed away on Andre's birthday, and although he had been handicapped for many years, we did not foresee him dying so soon. We began the year with a two week trip home to Wisconsin.

As I process through this and through life in general, I see myself updating this blog more faithfully. I miss the thrill of sharing my life with you all.
It seems I sit down to write a post and then give up with nothing that clever or interesting to write.

The summer has been nice. Andre and I got out quite a bit for walks and playdates. He is growing so fast and has quite a mind of his own.

I am a year out from gastric bypass. I have lost 135 lbs altogether with another 40 or so that I would like to and dream of losing. Wow, it gets harder to drop lbs when you get down in to the 220's...I used to remember friends who were skinnier say how they'd like to lose 20 or 30 more lbs and how hard it was. I didn't believe them, but I do now..I can jog over 2 miles without needing a break, and I can fit into a size 16 jeans. I am happy with where I am (exept my baggy fat pannis) I know I look and feel better but I still feel like I have a long way to go.

Fall is coming, my favorite time of year. I hope to get into a better routine with Andre, practice musical instruments more and keep up the jogging/working out. I"d like to write a song someday soon. It seems like all my juices for songwriting have dried up.

I am hoping autumn will change that...


Trying to get better at the piano. I never took my piano proficiency in college although I have a BA in music. I am a horrible piano player, no really. I suck and one of the reasons I haven't ever done anything with my degree was my embarrassment over piano skills. Either of my interests call for skills, being a vocal coach entails accompanying people at times (even elementary arrangements are too hard for me) and being a choral director is the same. So I'm looking into going to a local community college to study for and pass some sort of piano proficiency. A few weeks ago I sat down to just see where exactly I was, and I am very backsliden, in fact I am guessing I would have to take remedial piano classes before I could even have serious private lessons again. So this is what I'm working towards. I want to document days I practice and days I don't so see if there is a pattern to my lack of motivation.

I hope you're all prepared for the angst......

Dec. 6th, 2010

Dear LJ, could it be that the last post I wrote was when my son was 4 months old?  For reals? 

Welsies, everything here is great. Andre's adoption was official in his 5th month with us and we are now the parents of not just a baby but a toddler with an entertaining personality and a lust for all the tiny things he can find in the carpet and quickly cram into his mouth before mama and papa discover it! (if that last sentence doesn't make sense let me explain, our baby is no longer a "baby", we do not have more than one yet)

I had gastric bypass surgery in July and the time has passed so quickly. I am moving right along almost to the 60 lb mark and making my way to 200 lbs. That is my first BIG goal but I am proud to say that since pursuing this journey I have lost over 100 lbs. Just this weekend a very dear family friend (almost like a mom to me) came for a visit and introduced me to Cold Water Creek! Although I am still in what is considered a plus size, I am happy to be able to shop in a store where most everything comes in a size i can wear! I also wonder just how poorly my clothes were fitting before. I have had a lot of fun trying on new clothes and seeing the changes. It is hard for me to see but when Kendra handed me some printed out pictures of the first year I moved to Seattle and then an in between picture and a picture she had taken that day, I could really see that I actually have a neck now and my middle is smaller. Not so puffy.

PM is doing well even with all the changes at his job. He is such a dedicated papa to Andre. He takes care of him all day on Fridays so I can work at the hotel. I never have to worry that things won't be done right because he is meticulous when it comes to Andre. Since becoming parents I feel doubly blessed by this man because he is a good husband AND a good father.

Let's see what else has been happening around here....

I am attending a bible study at a local church that is called BSF (bible study fellowship) it is a pretty intense study of the book of Isaiah this year. It's very interesting to delve so deeply into the bible. I am enjoying it for the most part although at times I find having to do the lessons a bit overwhelming. (mostly because I procrastinate and have to do the whole thing on Monday night or early tuesday morning) Andre get's to go to a class there for free in which they also have bible stories and sing songs. I feel like it's as good for him as it is form me.

I am not just spending all day studying the bible though, I am still crafting and of course singing. I hope to participate in FAWM this year. I figure I can work on songs while Andre takes his naps and on the weekends.

I'd like to say that I'll be more faithful about updating here, but sometimes I just don't have the drive to write a blog. I would rather knit or read everyone else's posts.

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well its been a while since last i posted

this is really a test of a new client on my android

Happy Four Months...

Dear Andre,

Your four month birthday snuck up on me and with having Grandma here, I didn't get around to writing until now.

You continue to be a beautiful boy. You are still growing everyday and we see new glimpses of the boy you are becoming. Chewing on your hand or directing an invisible choir are two of your favorite things to do. I love that you have taken it upon yourself to keep sleeping through the night. It makes mama function so much better when she gets 6-8 hours of sleep and I think in turn helps you have a happier home life.

This month flew by! You celebrated your first Easter and slept right through dinner and the Easter egg hunt. Next year, I'm sure you'll be right in the middle of all of it. You did manage to have a cute Easter outfit and you were a good boy in church for the extra long service.

The doctor said you could start having solids this month but we are holding off. Maybe it is our desire for you to stay a baby for longer and feeding you solids sounds so "grown up". I am loving the way you try to hold your bottle but just can't quite get the knack of it. Sometimes you hold it and pop it out of your mouth and then get mad. Your little indignant cries are still the cutest thing ever.

You weight over 17 lbs now and people are commenting about how chubby you are getting. We are glad you are growing big and strong, maybe someday all the mass in your thighs will be muscle and you'll be a speed skater or a star of track and field. Most likely, you will do the opposite of whatever we dream, but that will be ok too. I am happy to be the one to see it all unfold.